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Help a starving chicken-blast in need!

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 24, 2012, 2:09 AM
Guys I'll cut straight to the point:
Bills are a killer.
They kill me.
But I'm only half-dead and you guys might be able to save me~
I'm ALL open for commissions.

Info as follows:

My style is kind of similar to Western comics, but at the same time has a certain Japanese manga vibe to it. I also do realistic portraits from time to time, so I'll be able to manage if the situation calls for it.

Other than lineart (pencil sketches, ink-traced sketches) and digital art, watercolors are my medium of choice.

Subject matter-wise, I mainly draw/paint characters, be it your original characters, fanart, etc., with or without background.

So there, if you think there's something I might be able to do for you, I'm ready for commission! :D
:devart: Pre-request notes:
:pointr: I usually don't do like extreme hentai stuff but that depends on how persuasive you are :icontrollchickenplz:. I may do nudes. This is a case-by-case thing though.
:pointr: Reference pictures are required for fanart, original characters or actual people. Don't worry, I won't expose your secret superhero identity to anyone. :nod:
:pointr: If you have any specific background idea, please thoroughly describe it, or provide me with some substantial reference material.
:below: Prices (in AUD or USD) :below:

:devart: Digital drawings:
:pointr: on Photoshop
:pointr: Digitally inked and shaded (request-specific)
:pointr: Single character
:target: Half body, no background: $5 (Every extra character costs $2)
:target: Half body, with background: $8 (Every extra character costs $2)
:target: Full body, no background: $8 (Every extra character costs $5)
:target: Full body, with background: $11 (Every extra character costs $5)
Jack by chicken-blastchicken getting lung cancer by chicken-blastWhat I see is what I get by chicken-blastWhat if Dar and Zack crossed over to Comatose? by chicken-blastBENNY SAYS by chicken-blast

:devart: Watercolor work (contact me regarding shipping):
:pointr: Single character
:target: Half body, no background: $30 (Every extra character costs $12)
:target: Half body, with background: $35 (Every extra character costs $12)
:target: Full body, no background: $45 (Every extra character costs $20)
:target: Full body, with background: $50 (Every extra character costs $20)
Oh my love, look and see by chicken-blastSmug by chicken-blastEllie Goulding by chicken-blastMoe Lisa - after Da Vinci's La Joconde by chicken-blastThe Flash 'Movie Poster' by chicken-blast
:devart: Digital work (colored):
:pointr: via Photoshop
:pointr: Single character
:target: Half body, no background: $20 (Every extra character costs $10)
:target: Half body, with background: $25 (Every extra character costs $10)
:target: Full body, no background: $35 (Every extra character costs $15)
:target: Full body, with background: $40 (Every extra character costs $15)
Abraham by chicken-blastTaking Five by chicken-blastAlter Ego revamped by chicken-blastrandom Comatose poster by chicken-blastLong way to go by chicken-blastAlways Here by chicken-blastChris by chicken-blast
:devart: Comic pages:
(Now this is a new category as someone asked me about it)
:pointr: Either your story, or my story based on your theme/basic idea.
:pointr: Grayscale or colored
:pointr: Rough sketches or fully rendered pages (properly cleaned, inked and shaded/colored).
:target: Grayscale page sketches: $10/page (My story: +$5/page. Fully rendered: +$5/page)
:target: Colored page sketches: $15/page (My story: +$5/page. Fully rendered: +$10/page)
Comatose ch00 pg57 by chicken-blastComatose ch00 pg66 by chicken-blastComatose ch00 pg58-59 by chicken-blastComatose ch0.6 pg100 by chicken-blast
:devart: How are we doing this?
:pointr: Step 1: Send me a dA Note (or email to titled 'Commission' containing all relevant details about the artwork (preferred style, colors, etc.), when you want the commission to be finished and how you would like the finished piece to be delivered to you (whether to your email account or as a deviation, in PSD or JPG, etc)
:pointr: Step 2: Wait for my reply on whether I need more information or I can/cannot do it
:pointr: Step 3: If I say yes, you may proceed to making the payment via PayPal ONLY to this email address:
:pointr: Step 4: Receive artwork. BAM!

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Comatose undergoes major overhaul

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 8, 2012, 2:26 AM
Hey guys, been a while since my last journal.

I'm glad to tell you I'm still alive and well (my schoolwork is an entirely unrelated sad story) and Comatose is still going strong - reaching the 100th page pretty soon actually!

This entry is an announcement to let you guys know that I've done some rearranging and sorting of the pages I've done into several chapters. The five completed chapters and the two to follow in the next couple months, together will form my Volume 0. Ideally, this structure (19 - 20 pages including a cover page per chapter) will stay on for the remainder of the story. That means we're looking at around 150 pages worth of action and extra material in each volume.

Below is the list of chapters for the reorganized Volume 0: (btw, certain page numbers were switched around and stuff but nothing major and I couldn't be bothered to change the file names. The new file name format will apply in upcoming pages)

Chapter 0.1 (pg01 - 19): Jack's Daily Life…
Comatose ch00 pg00 by chicken-blast

Chapter 0.2 (pg20 - 38): Last Friday…
Comatose ch0.2 cover by chicken-blast

Chapter 0.3 (pg39 - 57(formerly 59)): Prelude To A Showdown?…
Comatose ch00 pg45-46 by chicken-blast

Chapter 0.4 (pg58 - 76): Celebratory Drinks…
Comatose ch0.4 cover by chicken-blast

Chapter 0.5 (pg77 - 95): Last Friday, Revisited…
Comatose ch0.5 cover by chicken-blast

Chapter 0.6 (pg96 - ongoing): Joey Is...…
Comatose ch0.6 cover by chicken-blast

Chapter 0.7 (TBA): What's The Plan?

Comatose is also ongoing over at Smack Jeeves… and could use more support from any of you out there!

I'm also running an official Tumblr blog for Comatose (which links to its Twitter and Facebook accounts)

IN ADDITION, Comatose is now on MangaMagazine… as well, if you'd prefer it to Smack Jeeves.

And that's all from me!


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Journal Entry: Wed Jun 13, 2012, 2:50 AM
will be updated every day/2 days until July

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Comatose gets a website!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 13, 2012, 8:35 PM
Yes, that's right folks.

After lurking around the net for an hour having nothing to do, I thought 'hmm I should buy a domain for Comatose'. So I did. Then I made a tumblr blog for it, customizes it, then customized my Smack Jeeves page, then linked things together and bam!


Everybodeh help meh get teh word ooouuuuuutttt~ :iconchickenblastplz:

Oh also there's this:
Alter Ego revamped by chicken-blast

And these little promotional comic pages:
Comatose Extras 1 pg01 by chicken-blastComatose Extras 1 pg02 by chicken-blastComatose Extras 1 pg03 by chicken-blast

That's all from me!
Peace out~ o>

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Back on track

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 4, 2012, 3:27 AM
Just a quick update~

As of this afternoon I'm officially done with the first half of Semester 1. It's been alright I suppose. All assignments were done and I felt good about them. (Painting assignment didn't get the grade I'd expected but it was still a Credit so there's not really much to complain about)

Easter break starts today and will last a week. During this time I will be resuming work on Comatose. Just in time too, since my Smack Jeeves site has finally caught up to the latest page on here \o/ From now on my dA and Smack Jeeves releases will be identical. Although I haven't worked on the actual comic pages for a while, a fair amount of time was spent on consolidating plot points, brushing up certain concepts and discussing them with several people to make the storyline solid and characters more dynamic.

I've also spent quite a lot of time in the past couple months looking at art everywhere (dA, tumblr, CG Hub, pixiv, etc.) and realized I really need to diversify my subject matter and give my art some more depth, both visually and conceptually. In short, gotta improve! :iconchickenblastplz:
I'll start with concept art for Comatose, which I think is ideal for the time being, since it contributes to both my story writing process and (ahem) makes my gallery look less unimpressive and bland, hopefully
Taking Five by chicken-blastLong way to go by chicken-blast

Mandatory advertisement: Comatose comic:… or…

Till next time o>

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Critical times

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 16, 2012, 1:52 PM
I've been making stuff at a much slower rate than I did during the holidays which is only understandable, but it'll be even slower in the upcoming two to three weeks due to school projects (which I'm actually behind on and it's alarming :iconchickenffffplz:)

Also I haven't decided yet but Comatose probably won't update until mid to late April, but when it does it'll be a few pages at the same time (possibly 51 to 55 if I have enough free time). It's better to let my Smack Jeeves releases catch up to the latest update on here anyway.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for brand new and awesome webcomics by my friends
:icondanielledemartini:, with False Facade:
:iconvicarelovelace:, with Book of Nephilim:…
Also do check out Comatose if you haven't already done so:… or via :iconcomatosecomic:
Comatose vol 0 cover by chicken-blastAlter Ego poster by chicken-blastComatose ch00 pg00 by chicken-blast

Till next time! :iconchickenblastplz:

Tankadere: Gears in the Aether, by :iconcrabtank:, is available now!
"Tankadere II is a handsome paperback featuring 150 pages of comics and illustration– 15 stories about the clash of magic and technology– by talented up-and-coming comics artists around the world. Tankadere II is on sale for USD $15.00.

More information can be found at our website!…"
I have a 7-page comic titled Better, featured in this book along with other artists' works. Do support Crab Tank and purchase it if you're interested! :iconwallydesu:

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Shit's about to get real

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 29, 2012, 4:08 AM
So I'm halfway through the first week of my second year at the uni and from the looks of things, I'm in for a crazy ride. This semester I'm doing Painting 2, Photography 1, Life Drawing and Art theory. Every subject seems much more intense than last year's, which doesn't surprise me, but the people I'm studying with seem much different from the ones last year. Like, they emit this professional aura and all appear to know their stuff well. I definitely can't screw around and I'll probably be intimidated by their skill level, but I also can't help being super excited. :iconchickenblastplz: Also I'm probably getting back to working with traditional media because Painting 2 and everything.

Being occupied with school stuff also means I'll have less time to work on my comic, but that doesn't mean it'll be put on hold. I'll keep the thing going on a regular basis, although the updates won't come as quickly as I've been cranking them out the last 2 months. To anyone out there who's been keeping track of Comatose, stay with me! :'D

And here's the mandatory shameless promotion :icontrollchickenplz: : Comatose vol 0 cover by chicken-blastComatose ch00 pg00 by chicken-blast:iconcomatosecomic: or read it on Smack Jeeves:…

:icondevonition: is participating in :iconthecity-oct:. Best of luck with your audition entry. You're definitely getting in though :iconbrootalplz:.

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a Comatose feedback session

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 31, 2012, 11:08 AM
Hey guys, my webcomic Comatose has just reached its 30th page so I thought it'd be good to have a feedback session of sorts to see whether or not it's going in the right direction, and what I should do to improve it.
If you haven't seen it, the comic is located here:… or here:
If you've been following and have any feedback/suggestions, drop a comment below :) That'll be much appreciated!

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Feature meme

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 15, 2012, 11:41 AM
Doing this cuz I snatched a spot in :iconsenor-banana: 's journal


1. For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!

2. If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1. :iconsenor-banana:Yattan by senor-banana:thumb275751227::thumb279289969:(hnnng I'm sorry I had to I'm so narcissistic~ *A*)
2. :iconvicarelovelace::thumb272715151::thumb267793924::thumb260444850:
3. :iconalerane:Wren's Winter by AleraneIs Ale at the Ready by AleraneCampus Run by Alerane
4. :iconjotyler: I'm tempted to feature :iconviciskawaiiplz:Frost by JoTylerRoN R3 - TITLE by JoTylerTree by JoTyler
5. :icondanielledemartini:Things in the Dark by danielledemartiniFF- Mansion Concept II by danielledemartiniLibertango by danielledemartini
6. :iconwandering-ronin:SS - Katsuko by wandering-roninThe Path by wandering-roninPCBC3 - Lingering Mist 25 by wandering-ronin
7. :iconlcom:Tronified Simon by LComGolfing Cirno by LComButt sketch by LCom<-- no idea why I was drawn to this >_>
8. :iconstitchwerks:
9. :iconmechacharibdys:the wasp child by mechacharibdysAbsolution : Forest by mechacharibdysSecret Santa: robot angel by mechacharibdys
10. :iconcasour:
11. :iconjigensuzuki:Tia Bethamore with Swords colored by JigenSuzukiYou Suck by JigenSuzukiHobo Me Painting by JigenSuzuki

If you do this feature thing, also drop a comment here afterwards~ :3

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Upcoming projects and Comatose on Smack Jeeves

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 4, 2012, 1:42 PM
My productivity drastically decreased in November and December due to traveling and holiday stuff (aka being lazy as balls and refusing to get out of bed). So did my level of inspiration. However, after watching :iconaluhnim:'s livestream and listening to her passionate art rambling/useful tips/motivational talk, I think I'm back on track :iconchickenblastplz:

From now until uni restarts in February, I'm going to:

1. Finish a series of Comatose character portraits
Jack by chicken-blastJoey by chicken-blastJane by chicken-blastMaggie by chicken-blastChris by chicken-blastK'Mann by chicken-blastJulius by chicken-blastRobert by chicken-blastAlter Ego oekaki by chicken-blast
2. Finish a sequential series of 6 paintings
Part 1 - The Climb part 1 by chicken-blast
3. Continue with the pilot chapter
Gallery folder:…
I've also recently joined Smack Jeeves and made the comic its own page here:
Also, awesome :iconmechacharibdys: told me today that if I pimp out my Comatose a little more, she'll help promote it on which a total big deal to me. So beside maintaining that Smack Jeeves thing, I'll be redoing the lineart of my first 10 pages so they're less sketchy~ man, so many things to do so little time :<

:iconunrelatedbutplz:Also I need to find a new place to stay for next year... :iconchickenffffplz: Quite urgent actually. >_> Ugh
Time to work :iconchickenblastplz:

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Getting back in touch with traditional

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 26, 2011, 10:34 PM
Having spent over three months focusing solely on digital art, I feel it's absolutely necessary to brush up on my traditional media. Watercolors, especially. They seem to be the medium I'm most in tune and comfortable working with. Also since uni year 2 is starting soon, I'd better not be rusty. (not that I'm any good, after spending hours of hours looking at other people's art and weeping)
Oh my love, look and see by chicken-blastThe Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by chicken-blastSmug by chicken-blastEllie Goulding 4 by chicken-blastEllie Goulding by chicken-blast
So from here on, it'll be more traditional less digital. Or at least 50/50.
Also I'd like to take up commissions again due to broke, so lookie here if you're interested: :thumb257835877:

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Journal of plzs

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 20, 2011, 8:03 PM
I have a mild addiction to creating plzs nowadays. So here's a journal entry of the plzs I've made so far. So yeah. BEHOLD:



Will definitely be making more. Anyone want one? :D

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Livestream and things

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 12, 2011, 8:52 PM
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About Comatose

Mon Dec 5, 2011, 10:47 PM


It has come to my attention that never once have I made a journal entry about my single most important comic project, Comatose. Which is unacceptable.
So here I am rectifying things.

First of all, this is my first real shot at making a long-running series. Well, technically it's not even a series yet since the pages I've been cranking out are essentially unfinished (no proper cleaning, inking et al) BUT that's why I'm calling it a pilot. This, um, chapter is roughly for me to gauge how well I can manage a mini-arc, string plot details and characters together and mostly just practice. Also, feedback is very important so it'll be nice if I can find some support/following along the way.

This pilot chapter centers on Jack Phoenix, a reserved, depressed, unmotivated and paranoid teenager. An orphan who lives alone on his billionaire uncle Robert Phoenix's money, Jack has no goal in life but lacks the willpower to come up with any resolve other than doing drugs as a form of escapism. As a degenerate loser who gets away with doing terrible in his university studies thanks to his uncle's name (uncle also bought the damn university), Jack is despised by almost everyone and is constantly beaten up by bullies - the most prominent of whom being Joey, the football team's star quarterback and troublemaker. This is the point where I get tired of typing a proper synopsis and just continue by saying that the dude will be facing regular teenager problems such as having a crush, getting his ass handed to him, smoking pot and making friends etc etc etc. Also since he's like super paranoid, the most ordinary occurrences may look exaggerated or confusing through his point of view. However, paranoia is not the only reason why things are confusing for him... 8D

I've currently made 19 pages, which can be found neatly arranged it its own gallery folder here:…

or just start reading from here: Comatose ch00 pg00 by chicken-blast

Would appreciate any support from you guys! :iconchickenblastplz:

(^that actually also meant please help spread the word :'3)

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Kiriban at 8888

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 11:02 AM

It'll probably be a while till my pageview count reaches 8888, but it's never too early to announce! :iconchickenblastplz:
Be the 8888th viewer, grab a screenshot of it, post it in the comments along with your request and I shall have it done~ :iconravesplz:
On an unrelated note, my productivity seems to be declining lately. Not a good sign. :(

:iconjotyler: caught it:…
but since she also caught the previous one, it was suggested that the kiriban should be for other pv racers including :iconvicarelovelace::iconalerane::iconlotusleif::iconstitchwerks: . It will be done!

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Tue Nov 1, 2011, 10:48 AM

I've sort of started using tumblr since I figured letting it collect dust would be a waste. From now on it will contain most of the stuff I post here, plus random comic strips, reblogs, rants and more.

Check it out if you're interested, here: :)


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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 27, 2011, 12:46 PM
Candi CSS

Just looked at my page view and realized I got close to 7777. Something for you if you're the 7777th viewer :3 (First time I'm trying this so tell me if I'm doing it wrong? :3)
Post a comment with a screenshot and I shall attend to your request :iconravesplz:

:iconjotyler: and :iconaluhnim: caught it! 7777th duplicated itself legasp……
Therefore I'm doing kiriban for both of you!

Kiriban = Die, bitch by chicken-blastI don't think so by chicken-blastOoookay, plan B it is... by chicken-blast
All done! :D

See you guys at 8888 ;)

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Manga notes

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 3, 2011, 1:33 PM
Character/Story notes:


-Parallel realities

-Main character:
'Normal state' : Sickly, withdrawn, paranoid and socially awkward with troubling thoughts. an outcast due to a complicated past. The character is extremely depressed and resolves to doing drugs more often, as a way to escape from the cruel world.
When he gets high, he transforms into a futuristic alter ego version and travels to parallel dimensions, meeting alternate versions of people he knows in real life, battling monsters, breaking shit and therefore unknowingly altering the 'home universe' - his own reality. However, he doesn't know he has such abilities and as a result believes he's insane, seeing things around him constantly change every morning.
His confusion leads him to doing even more drugs, which leads to more inter-dimensional adventures, time jumps, which alters the 'home universe' even more dramatically, which makes the real world even more bizarre to him when sober. However, as an addict and a lonely person, he finds it difficult to stop smoking.
University freshman.
Lives on uncle's support. Uncle only supports him to secretly learn more about his mysterious case.

-(Working name) Ally #1 (John?):
His facial features are actually based on John's. Anyway. This guy doesn't go on dimensional trips with the main character's alter ego but almost always appears on his side, whichever alternate reality he enters. There's another two characters like this one, but I haven't designed them yet. Also, these three characters' costumes will change every adventure, as the main character's alter ego doesn't travel with them, but only meets alternate versions of them.
In the home universe, he's your stereotypical jock: plays football, has the looks, gets the girls. Protects main character through high school.

Facial features based on Ellie Goulding. Top student in her faculty (doing Drama). Cheerful, friendly and energetic, but unfortunately, being one of the most popular people at the university automatically means she's the total opposite of the main character.
The main character has a secret crush on Jane, and she doesn't notice him. This crush projects into the main character's subconsciousness and therefore makes Jane another inter-dimensional ally of the main character's alter ego. Funny thing: The alter ego doesn't have a crush on Jane, and the subconscious Jane has a crush on the alter ego. Some ego, huh.


Psychology (more research needed) post-grad. Super genius. Ambitious.
Curious about main character's case. Believes main character's power is the key to dominating all reality, and that's the only prize that will be worth his superior intellect. Comes up with theories, gathers substantial data and tries to replicate the (dimension travelling) event many times to limited success. Thinks main character is wasting his limitless potential and such power should be in the right hand. Main villain. To be further explored.

Main character's uncle.
Owner of the world's greatest technological monopoly (to be expanded). Natural-born businessman. Visionary. Pragmatic. Greedy. Always looks for a way to ensure his corporation's technology stays on top at any cost.
Believes inventing the technology to command machines with thought will give him the necessary cutting edge to dominate every market. Willing to spend any amount on neural R&D (research needed). Funds Kman's research on main character's abilities, unaware of Kman's personal plans.
Before starting his company, Robert accumulated his wealth through illegal drug and weapon trades.

Other characters:

Shy, kind. Sympathizes with main character. However they hardly ever speak.
Kman's girlfriend. Also super smart, but never lets anyone see it for fear of ruining relationships with others. There's conflicting loyalty in future.
OR She's Kman's assistant, but also Chris' girlfriend and main character's friend. She'll ultimately have to choose between good and evil, basically. To be further explored. (ACTUALLY, giving the villain a girlfriend will give him too much of a weakness and reduce his badassery level. I might actually go through with the Chris X Maggie scenario)

Robert's adopted younger brother and main character's father.
Owes Robert his life and therefore has to agree to do any amount of dirty work (i.e. drug & weapon trades)
Also a small-time criminal.
Also alcoholic.
Considers having a child a burden.
Dies when main character turns eight. Death sentence.

Jim's wife. Main character's mother.
Used to be a bar singer.
Grows up with Jim and sees him walk down all the wrong paths while powerless to stop him.
Becomes a drug addict due to Jim's 'job' (i.e drug trade)
Teaches her son to be nothing like his parents.
(Raped by Robert 2 years after Jim's death - Too brutal for a manga?)
Overdoses on main character's 12th birthday.

University principal.
Single. Robert flirts with her from time to time but to no avail.
Strict, fierce, all-knowing and sarcastic. Knows more about the main character's dreadful family history than anyone else.
Lives next door to main character (due to a reality alteration)
Vouches for main character although he's the biggest loser at school, due to her close friendship with his late mother.

One of the main character's stoner-buddy in the home universe. To be further explored.

Drug lord. You pay, you live. Otherwise, he'll find you.
Also has extreme levels of power (>9000) in alternate dimensions. To be further explored.

-Trips could be partially in colors (one color every trip, Frank Miller-style, perhaps?) while home universe panels are in traditional black and white.

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Olook, a wild journal entry!

Sat Jan 8, 2011, 9:00 AM

Yes, I know I said I'd be more active here and all, but I didn't actually do anything much.

So, uh. Collaboration, anyone? Or commission you'd like me to, idk, do? I've got free time, I'm bored, anddddd- yeah.


UPDATE: Well, no. I'm not that free anymore but since I've gotten myself a Premium account after all this time, might as well be productive with it. :)

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It's been a really, really long time since I last posted a journal entry, (in fact, that was the ONLY entry), like 4-years long.

Haha, I'm not really sure. Guess I just have never been in so much of a mood to update my deviantART account as I am today :P Yup, I've just uploaded a grand total of 31 deviations in the past 10 hours or so!

And I realized I could've done so much more here, like, getting myself a Premium account (which I'm still unable to at this point, unfortunately), using journal entries as my personal blog posts, +fave-ing the countless awesome art pieces here which I love so much, making friends, broadening my modern art exposure, receiving constructive criticisms to improve my stuff, and lots, lots more.

So there you have it, I'll be trying to be as active on dA as humanly possible!

In the meantime, help me out by tuning into this page :D and, if possible, giving me dA points…

Oh, and I've created a Twitter account dedicated just to this dA account of mine, which you can choose to check out or follow or whatever at

Well, there you have it. :) First official blog spot from Wallace. Next ones will unfortunately include more personal and sentimental stuff, haha. :D Till then!
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